Haul: Forever 21 and Cotton On Monochromatic Additions!

Hola lovelies, it has been awhile since I teased about the Monochromatic Monday’s post on my instagram. I was busy studying for a midterm and now that that’s out of the way (for now), I am back on the posting grind.
I recently went on a little haul at Forever 21 with their 50% off on clearance sale…I mean, you cannot put the combination of 50% off and clearance together and not expect me there. I believe the double-negative is relevant here to express my excitement! Anywho, after my struggle with the Rainbow Tag, I thought, “Why not flaunt my neutrals that I always rave about.” Thanks to my recent haul, I have a couple of additions to my neutral palette.
Photo credit: Fanny L.

As teased on my instagram, here’s a typical monochromatic outfit that I would put together. You can never go wrong with black and white. Not only are those colors flattering on any body type, but they are so classy. I feel mature and sophisticated without trying too hard. Personally, I am not a huge fan of pants; I would wear dresses 365 days a year if the weather cooperated with me. However, these pants that I recently got at Forever 21 for $8 are a great alternative to my skinny jeans because they are roomy and fitted! I paired them up with a simple black J. Crew crop top that my momma got for me from a rummage sale, which was practically for FREE because it was from those sales where you can stuff a huge bag with anything for about $3. Lastly, to give myself some height, I included my black Charles David wedges that my momma got for about $1 at a garage sale.

To continue my haul post, here is something I came up with on Tuesday: what I wore during the day and what I would have worn during the night if I did not have to study for a midterm..tehee. A girl can dream.
Photo credit: Fanny L.
Here we go again, another monochromatic outfit…tada! This time, however, I added various patterns into one outfit, which is usually a no-no, but I think it works. Although each piece is a different pattern, they all have a circular shape, which I am obsessed with recently. I paired my newly bought polka-dotted high-waisted F21 shorts that I got for $6.50 with The Beatles shirt from Kohls that I got for $4. To finish it off, I included my closest essentials: black cardigan from H&M that I got for $10 and black velvet Steve Madden loafers that I got for $2 at a garage sale.
Photo credit: Fanny L.
If I didn’t have a midterm to study for, then this would have been my “going-out” look. I felt like I was ready to go out to some retro party or something, haha. Finally, I added color to an outfit! However, I wanted the pattern and texture to do the talking. I have been looking high and low for a turtle neck crop top at a price that I am happy with and I was so happy when I found this blue turtle neck crop top with black polka dots at F21 for $2.50! Then, I made my way over to Cotton On Outlet for the very first time and I found this black crochet-textured pencil skirt for $2. I finished the look off with my favorite black oxford heels that I got at Ecothrift for $10.
My ten cents #23: If you don’t already, have your essential pieces in black and/or white. They are easy peasy staple pieces that give a nice foundation to any outfit. They are worth the investment, so don’t feel bad if you have too many black and white pieces!

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