Haul: Goodwill’s Labor Day 50% Off Sale!

Happy belated Labor Day! Labor Day/Weekend is always full of sales, and being the shopaholic that I am, I like to plan my shopping-day out. Since I’m really busy with school, I allowed myself to shop only in the morning, so I woke up super duper early to get my butt over to Goodwill by 8 AM. Well, “Asian-time” kicked in and I didn’t get there until 8:30 AM. When I got there, the parking lot was almost full…my goodness. After some struggling, I found a roomy parking spot and I walked into the store with a mission…that mission would be a good haul. Goodwill, in my book, is an “expensive thrift store.” The prices are a bit pricey compared other thrift stores, but Goodwill is a lot closer to my house. With this 50% off sale, the price should be reasonable. Anywho, when I got there, I found out that they weren’t able to take debit cards due to some technical difficulties…great, just great. I don’t like carrying cash with me, so I had to drive to an ATM machine to grab some moolah. By the time I returned to Goodwill, it was almost 9 AM. Finally, time to work on my so-called “magic.”

Personally, my favorite department in any thrift store would have to be the shoes section. My love for shoes is a bit unhealthy, but it’s the easiest thing to look for. I wasted about 30 minutes going through the shoes section for about 3 times. No luck. I found a couple of cute things, but they were not my size. Feeling discouraged, I went to the handbag section, which was directly adjacent to the shoes. I never thrifted a handbag/purse before, so I had very low expectations….and all of a sudden, BAM, this cute little purse was peeking out. It caught my attention with its tassels, which I’m currently obsessed with. When I saw the little “Aldo” tag, I sealed the deal, which was only $2.25. Luckily, by the end of the haul, I found a pair of shoes! The line was ridiculously long; it wrapped over to the shoe department, which is in the back of the building. I found this pair of squared-toe oxford heels while I was in line for $2.50.

In addition to the shoes and purse, I found..yet again, a stripe shirt for S2.50! I KNOW. I HAVE WAY TOO MANY OF THOSE, but I bought it with a valid argument. This shirt has a white blocking compared to the tops I already have, which start off with navy instead of white. I’m starting to feel more and more like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction during his “Up All Night” days. ❤

So, fall is right around the corner and I should be picking up items for the fall…wrong. I can’t help myself; I’m attracted to dresses, because 1) I secretly hate pants and 2) they are so feminine. To address point numbero uno, I’m not a big fan of pants. Yes, they are very flattering, but they are so restricting. You know that feeling when you take off your pants and slip into something more comfortable after a long, long day? Why not feel like that ALL day? That is why I love dresses. Also, I hate hate hate (and hate is a strong word) shopping for pants, esp jeans. I love denim, but I’m so picky with my wash that it makes it difficult for me to find something that I like at the thrift store.
Point numbero dos, dresses are flattering and feminine. Would you believe me if I told you that this dress that I am wearing is a size 11? The things you can do with extra fabric is endless. I paired it up with a skinny belt, and that’s how I created the “bubble” effect, which hides my muffin top. I plan on DIY-ing it to make it official. This is just for show for the future. This tulip-patterned dress with a cut-out on the sleeves cost me $3.

This dress is polka-dotted and high-low, and it cost me $3…need I say more?

My least fav item out of the group quickly became my favorite after I paired it up with a high-waisted shorts and some Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedges. This Forever 21 lace top cost me $2, and I can’t wait to transition this piece into my fall wardrobe as it reminds me of summer.

My ten cents #25: I learned it the hard way-bring cash to ya thrift stores. Heck, be thankful if your thrift stores take debit/credit card.

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