103113: Transformation Thursday

Happy belated Halloween y’allllll. I sure had a good one by staying in eating jalapenos pretzels and getting my full 8-hours of sleep. That is the life…but for the very first time, I didn’t cheat out of the festive holiday with an angel halo or a set of animal ears. I wanted to really dress up like something or someone that I can relate to or give a little tribute to. However, you know me- I’m not the type of person who would buy something just for one use, so I thought I should make a “costume” with the stuff that I already have at home. I was going to go as a member of One Direction, but I dress like that everyday anyways..
I got my ah-ha moment when I was listening to Lorde’s album for about 3 days straight..yup, it’s that good. I realized that I have a similar fish net-textured top as Lorde from her music video, Tennis Court, and her performances on many radio stations. Lorde tends to wear black dresses, and heeeeey, I have plenty of those. The only thing I changed about the look was the shoes; I switched the creepers (?) for a pair of heels because that’s how roll.
You cannot do the “Lorde-look” without a dark shade of lipstick. You can go fierce with a black shade, but if you can’t find one or you are not comfortable going all out, I would recommend a dark plum shade.
As for the hair, you can go all curly with your hair down or you can do an updo look by 1) braiding all of your hair on one side and looping it over to the other side of your head (if you have very long hair) just like Jenn Im from Clothesencounters or 2) split your hair in half and make two braids (if you have short hair) and loop them over your head to form the “braided headband.”
My favorite part of this whole costume is that I would totally wear this normally. Thank you, Lorde, for showing me how to wear my fish net-textured cardigan because I have been feeling very uninspired lately…
 Bebe fishnet-textured cardigan–Aunt’s closet: FREE
H&M black high-low dress–H&M: $10
Macy’s knee-high socks–Gift: FREE
Steve Madden strapped heels–Garage Sale: $1
NYC City Duet 2-in-1 Lipcolor, The Penthouse Plums–Target: $2.50
Total: $13.50, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$4
My ten cents #28: Test your comfort zones and try something new. It’s healthy for your creative mind. 🙂


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