DIY: From Simple Maxi Dress to Origami Skirt and Simple Button Pins as Accents

Konnichiwa! It is currently winter break, but it doesn’t feel like it because I’m still worried about my grades because they aren’t out yet. -______- To distract myself, I am pouring myself into as many DIY projects as possible. I generally keep in mind of all of the things I want to do and then do them during winter and summer breaks. I plan on making a thrift trip soon, so be on the look out for more DIY this season!

Anywho, the first project of the season is the oh-so-cool origami skirt. I was online window shopping yesterday and I found an origami skirt on clearance for $20+shipping. I have been eye-ing it since summer. To be honest, I was considering it, but $20 is a lot to dish out for such a simple skirt. I did not have the heart to buy it for that price, so naturally, I was on a hunt to find a DIY tutorial and I found THIS. This tutorial is sooo incredibly simple and if you are not the sewing type, you can totally use adhesive tape if you like. I, however, did sew the seams because I didn’t want to waste my adhesive tape just yet.

Unlike the tutorial, I did not buy fabric from scratch, which I should’ve done. I went to a couple of fabric stores and the prices were not bueno at alll. My goal was to spend around $5 if possible, and the fabric was beyond that price, so I went home empty-handed. After a thorough search throughout my house for some fabric, I ended up revamping a simple, black maxi dress that I wore a couple of times. I got it at Ecothrift for about $2. Unfortunately, the dress did not supply me with enough fabric, so I was all over the place with the measurements, but behold, it kind of worked out at the end. TIP: use the tutorial measurements because they are on point.

In addition to the skirt, I decided to revamp a newly-old denim jacket that I found in my room. My mother got it for me from a garage sale when I was too busy to go myself. I love the linings on the collar and wrist areas, but unfortunately, the jacket is a size large, so it looks bulky on me. I decided to give it some life by putting on button pins as accents. I added on a couple of pins that I got for FREE from Urban Outfitters and then I went to Joann to buy the bigger pins that I can customize. The designs I used for the pins were meant to be shirt-DIY-projects, but they look pretty cool as button pins. (If you know where the designs are from, then we should be best friends.) It was such a simple change, but the outcome is too cute. Now, I can’t stop wearing it. As long as I wear a fitted silhouette underneath the jacket, then I think the bulky outwear isn’t too bad.

My ten cents #30: The satisfactory of making a garment is so much sweeter than buying it.

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