DIY: From Placemat to Pollock-Inspired Clutch

School is back in session…/lesigh. I’m already getting busy, but I’ve been itching to make this for sometime now. Actually, I bought my placemat from the Dollar Tree with the intent of making a clutch for two Christmases now. I was recently inspired by an old post by Dare to DIY and I have a soft spot for Pollock. My photography class in high school studied his work and we actually imitated his technique by reversing the process of developing a photograph in the darkroom. I love Pollock’s style because you cannot make an exact replica and the vibe is too rad (do people still use that word?). It’s chaotic and dramatic; it depicts my perspective of my mind well. Anywho, enough fangirl talk..

I saw this idea through youtube two years ago, but I still think it’s incredibly smart. I did absolutely no cutting. The shape was already there; I just had to fold it. It cannot get any easier than that. All you need to do is sew the sides or use adhesive tape and you are done!
Painting it, on the other side, was such a pain because I lack common sense. Please do not repeat my mistakes:
1) Do not try this on carpet. When I splattered the paint around to create the “Pollock” effect, I got weird droplets around the areas that were not covered with newspaper. Now, my carpet reminds me of a dalmatian or a cow.
2) There is no such thing as too much newspaper.
3) To create the splatter effect, you kind of have to whack your paint brush around and use a lot of force.
4) My paint was really thick, so be careful about being too generous. I had to use both black and white paint to create some negative space because I used way too much black paint at the beginning. I tried to fix it by physically drawing in the lines.

Overall, it may not be ideal, but I still think it’s unique and different. It’s definitely chaotic, so I guess the vibe is still there.
My ten cents #32: Don’t buy fabric for a DIY project from a fabric store unless you really have to. Unconventional materials or pre-exiting items can be re-purposed at a cheaper price.

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