Haul + Review: Artee Couture’s Chambray Button-Up and UNIF’s Harley Dress From Threadsence

Helllllo guys, it certainly has been awhile, but I’m trying to make it up to y’all with this mini haul from Threadsence. I am really excited with my pieces, so I’m super ecstatic to share my shopping experience with you and maybe you can find some gems there yourself! Fair warning, these pieces are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think they are well worth it.
First of all, as a mini review about the company, I am surprised it took me this long to finally check it out. I heard about Threadsence before, but I assumed that the price range would be out of my scope without actually checking out the site. The regularly marked prices are out of my league, but I can definitely work with the clearance section. That works perfectly fine because I don’t shop regular prices anyways. They also have a promotion called “Happy Hour” on Fridays and that’s when regular prices are deducted by a certain percentage. I have yet to buy anything from Happy Hour, but I plan to do so after I save some money. A lot of sales are happening right now with President’s Day and I definitely seized the moment. 
One of my favorite things about Threadsence has to be their shipping policy. Although my shipping option was standard, it was actually expedited instead. I ordered it on the 12th and I got it on Valentine’s Day, which was impeccable timing. I definitely felt the love.
The only downfall about the site is that it doesn’t work with Firefox. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tried it before and after updating my Firefox, and it just didn’t load. I was able to access the main page, but I couldn’t navigate around it. I had to type in the website address including HTML to browse. I tried looking online to see if anyone had this problem, but I couldn’t find anything. I ended up downloading Google Chrome and then it worked like magic. After getting the package, I can conclude that the trouble of downloading Google Chrome was worth it. 
Overall, I definitely dig the site and company. It’s based in SoCal…Fullerton to be exact. If you live near there, then you can actually pick up your items without paying shipping fees. Unfortunately, I don’t in that area. My pieces arrived in good condition and besides the technically problem, I am satisfied with my purchase from Threadsence. I am definitely becoming a TSaddict.

The two pieces that I got are Artee Couture’s beaded surprise chambray button-up and UNIF’s Harley dress. Again, I got these two items on clearance, but they were originally $48 and $112, respectively. I saw the chambray button-up first when I was browsing, and I thought to myself, “I can totally get this anywhere,” but there was something about the beads that really intrigued me. I mean, you can get a similar shirt at Forever 21, but I feel like the beads are a little more ornate here. The shirt is relatively simple, so the extra punch from the details definitely talked to me. The snap-on buttons were also a nice addition to it all. The material is super soft, so it feels like my PJs, which is awesome.

Okay, I’m super excited to tell you what I think about my new dress. The Harley dress from UNIF practically drove my purchase. I browse a lot and I am the type of person who adds things to her cart with the intention of buying, and then I would just empty it all out if it’s not worth the hassle. When I saw this dress for its clearance price, I totally fangirled for a few minutes. I have always wanted to own an UNIF piece because it’s a big statement and you need a big personality to wear it. My personality is quite timid and shy, but I channel my inner bad-a** with my clothes. If I had to explain my style, then I would say that I’m a dark flower…if that makes any sense at all. I love my girly patterns like floral and lace, but I have always had this dark side. There is something about chaos and testing the norm that I can relate to. I am a goodie-two-shoes, but I try to practice “Carpe Diem” as long as my actions aren’t going against the law or anything.

The only size they had it in was a XS and I was really worried that it would be too tight. I’m typically a small and an XS is pushing it. For the first time, I actually used the size chart and measured myself. Surprisingly, the dress has some room left over! This purchased worked out really well.

OH, and the dress has pockets! HOW PERFECT.

Alrighty, now to tell you how much I actually spent on the two pieces. Again, keep in mind that the prices are not dirt cheap, but with what I got, I am very pleased. I got the chambray button-up for $9.50 and the Harley dress for $19.99! I saved a little over $130, so thank you, Threadsence! 

My ten cents #33: Trying new things or in this case, company, does not always end up badly.

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