Haul + Review: Finders Keepers Dress and Cardigan from thredUP

Helllllllo all. I have good news: I am still alive! Hehehe. I know, I know, it has been a long time since my last post, but rest assure, I have been shopping! For those who don’t know, I am a science-major student and that pretty much means that the closest thing I have to a boyfriend is my book that costs more than anything I would ever wear…A few weeks ago was my spring break and I wanted to film y’all a video to make up for lost time, but that week went by oh so fast. The quarter has already started and I just finished my first midterm of the cycle. I also started a new internship that has been keeping me busy. In addition to all that madness, this week is “Hell Week” for my VSA’s Culture Show.
I am craving for a study break, so I’m writing this impromptu post! I apologize for my vintage iPhone (3GS, hehehe) Instagram photo quality, but I thought it’s about time I share my referral code for those who may be interested, especially with the recent update from thredUP (X Collection).

As a quick summary-type-of-thang, I have a love-hate relationship with this online consignment store. I found out about it through a fellow Instagramer, and I was lured in with their 40% off coupon code as a first time customer. To make life a bit easier, I thought a pros-cons list would be efficient:

  1. Their items are on-point with their quality. I could not be happier with my items. It did help that my pieces were new with tags, but they are honest with their notes. I believe they do two rounds of inspections for quality control.
  2. They carry amazing brands for an affordable price. I like to search up brands that I love or want to try out because I am a brand-junkie who will not pay full price for anything. They recently added their “X Collection” with higher end brands like Kate Spade, Prada and etc.; it is out of my comfort zone, but I’ll check it out if I ever want to splurge.
  3. The shipping/packaging was fast and ridiculously cute. Warning, it takes more than two days to get an e-mail with a tracking number. My e-mail regarding my tracking number came in about 4 days after my purchase (instead of the 2 days that was posted in my confirmation e-mail), but when I opened the tracking number, it said that my package was outside my door! Just be patient, it should be outside your door soon! Oh, also, they package the items in a cute polka-dotted bag (or box, depending on how much you get). I have a weird obsession with collecting cute bags/boxes, so my thredUP bag is still chillin’ in my room.
  4. THEY HAVE SO MUCH STUFFFFFF. This is also a con though…I swear, I used the filters and everything and I still couldn’t get through it all. Le sigh, it’s like a endless thrift store where you can shop in your jammies. I literally spent one whole day with occasional bathroom breaks (TMI, much?) to get through the site. I didn’t order my few items until later that night…or next morning?
  5. The referral code is too cool. Although I used my coupon code for my first purchase (you can only use one code per purchase), I plan on using a fellow shopper’s referral code for my next purchase. By using the a referral code, you immediately get $10 off your purchase! Click here if you are interested in the code! (not a spam, I promise!) Once you use the code, I, too, receive $10 credit on my next purchase, so I can buy more clothes and do more haul posts. Wheeee, it’s a win-win situation.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns, contacting them is a breeze. I am huge on customer service. I don’t mind supporting a relatively expensive business if their customer service is impeccable. I’ve worked retail before, so I value honest service. I did have a problem with my purchase (which I will discuss in the cons-section) and they immediately contacted me back.


  1. Like numbero 3 in the pros-section, it takes a long time to go through everything. When I thrift shop, I usually make 2-3 rounds of the store to make sure I got a good look at everything so I can leave without regrets unless I’m in a rush. With thredUP’s large collection of items, going though it all is tough. I always feel like there is something that I missed.
  2. Like any online shopping experience, you cannot try on your clothes and with their vast selection of brands, it’s hard to know your size. If you know your size in a particular brand, then you should be good. Unfortunately, I did not hear about Finders Keepers until now and the size chart I found online didn’t help too much. My dress did fit like a glove, but the cardigan was a bit too big; good thing it’s an outerwear, so it’s not that big of a deal. You can return your items, but you would need to pay for shipping. With my coupon code savings, my return would not be worthwhile.
  3. I originally bought 3 items: Finders Keepers dress and cardigan and Candie’s pump. Unfortunately, my shoes were unavailable (it may be a sign that I have too much shoes), so I got my receipt back with a “Freebie” sticker. It didn’t make sense to me because I didn’t get anything for free…so I e-mailed them and apparently, they do another round of inspections before they ship out the items. If the item’s condition is less than par compared to their notes, then they would refund you AND give you the item=making it a freebie. My item was completely unavailable (it may be due to size or etc.), so I did not get a “freebie.” I did get refunded for that item, so technically I got free shipping because my original 3 items added up to $50; ehhh, I shouldn’t be complaining.

I spent $12.30 on the cardigan and $13.20 on the dress, much thanks to the coupon code. If you are unaware of the brand, Finders Keepers, no worries-I did a bit of research for you. It’s based in Australia and their vibe and price tag remind me of Topshop. From what I see, many of their pieces emphasize structure and minimalism, which I love. It’s like wearing architecture on your body. The silhouettes are flattering, especially the dress: it def. flatters my oh so flat bust…hehehe.

Overall, I am happy with my experience and I would shop here again when I have a lot of time on my hands to go through everything. I guess it beats a trip to a thrift store? I definitely recommend it as a shopper. I haven’t sold any of my clothes here, so I have no input on that aspect of the company.
Happy shopping!
My ten cents #34: Beware, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you have to get it! Let it be a $100 or $10 piece, continue to be critical about what you buy!

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