070414: May the Forth be With You, Friday

Happy 4th of July, loves! Hopefully y’all had an amazing day with some good company! Yours truly did not do very much today; I ran some errands with my momma, took my daily nap and now I am about to study for my biology midterm next week. My life sounds so fab, I know… hehehe. Anywho, I still got into the American spirit despite the lack of events today. I actually had a lot of fun putting these outfits together; I was thoroughly surprised by the fact that 1) I do own article of clothing that is colored! I didn’t have to think very hard for this July 4th-themed post and 2) I would totally wear these outfits on any normal day. I think the combination of the two colors is classic chic.

I am a firm believer that everyone should own at least one white button-up. It is super easy to dress it up or down, and it is forever a classic in my book. You literally cannot go wrong with one, so I dedicated my first outfit to my white Banana Republic button-up that I got from a garage sale for a buck or even less. I paired it up with my Levi’s high-waisted denim shorts that I got as a hand-me-down from my aunt, brown Pink and Pepper cut-out boots that I got from DSW for less than $15, and Forever 21 sunglasses that cost me $2. I sealed the deal by wrapping my Banana Republic plaid button-up that my older brother passed on to me.

For outfit numbero dos, I emphasized on denim to represent the color, blue. I used my trusty Gap denim jacket that I got from a rummage sale for $7, and I paired it up with my red American Eagle criss-cross top (which you can’t see here, unfortunately) that I got from thredUP for less than $5, white Pins and Needles high-waisted shorts with lace trimmings from Urban Outfitters for $10 and Forever 21 mesh heels that cost me less than $9 from thredUP. Technically, these thredUP purchases were free given my referral credit, but that’s how much credit I used up. (Thank you to those who have used my referral code!)

This is by far my favorite outfit out of the bunch just because I absolutely adore this blue Naked Zebra dress and its fabulous cut-out back. I got it from Ecothrift for $3.50. When I originally got it, I did not realized that it has a criss-cross thing going on in the back because the straps were all tangled up on the rack. I love the super sweet neckline and that drove the purchase. I was thoroughly pleased when I first wore it! I wanted to keep this outfit sweet and simple, so I paired it up with my off-white/nude heels that I got from Threadsence for $15. I was eyeing this pair of shoes for awhile, but I didn’t buy until Athena, from Threadsence, told me about her discount code via Instagram. She was super helpful and answered all of my questions, so I thought I would pay it forward by telling y’all to use ATHENA20 during checkout if you want 20% off your purchase from Threadsence or Shopruche. The code doesn’t expire until the end of July, so you still have plenty of time to shop away! As for the color, red, I got away with a rather generous amount of lip stick. I blended two different shades of red from Revlon and Mary Kay to get my desired patriotic hue.

For the summer, I have been loving this pair of white INC denim bottoms that my aunt handed down to me. I usually roll the sleeves (?) up for a more chill, capri-look. I paired it up with my Forever 21 polka-dotted ruffle top that I got from Goodwill for two bucks. I almost forgot about this top, but it made its comeback. Like the previous look, I relied on my lip color to be that spark of red. As for my feet, I wore my Forever 21 mesh heels that cost me less than $9 from thredUP.

For the last look, I recycled from the first look and wore my older brother’s Banana Republic plaid button-up that he gave to me. I have been keeping it in my closet with the intentions of DIY-ing, but I haven’t had time to play with it. In the meantime, it can be a legit dress-shirt dress. I just rolled up with sleeves, so the top won’t look to bulky on me. I added in a thin white belt that I got from my aunt to define my waist. To match the belt I wore my off-white/nude heels that I got from Threadsence for $15.

My ten cents #36: The whole purpose of this part of my post is to give you a take-away message. I talk a lot (virtually) and you may forget what you just read, so “my ten cent” is my little advice to you. I usually generate this by re-reading (or more like proof-reading) the post and summarizing the most important part. For this post, I realized that you should wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel good and confident, (but please do wear clothes!). When I started to “dress better” for myself, I started to grow self-confidence and I started to find myself beautiful. It is still weird to say that and admit it because it makes me sound conceited, but I spent a lot of my life hating my appearance and feeling inferior to girls that boys/men worship. It’s okay though. I rather be a woman instead.

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