DIY: Pocket Tee (UVSA Summit)

What a freakin’ weekend I had! I spent last weekend with amazing company at Norcal UVSA 8th Annual Summit at UC Merced. It’s a three-days leadership conference where you meet awesome people who share the same passion for the Vietnamese culture as you. I almost didn’t go this year, but I am so glad that my friend persuaded me to do otherwise. Rest assure, this summit will not be my last. I shall see y’all next year. 🙂 Thank you, Norcal UVSA Summit attendees, for making my birth month extra awesome!

Along with all of the friendships that I took away from the conference, I also brought home the hippest shirt. This year’s summit shirt is too freakin’ cute with the pocket tee design. Kudos to whoever designed it! I took it a step further with a personal touch by making it into a real pocket! A DIY pocket tee usually starts with a plain shirt. You would cut a pocket-shaped piece of fabric, and then you would put the two together. Unlike the other tutorials online, I made the pocket using the printed pocket as a template.

To achieve the same look, all you need is: a piece of fabric of your choice, scissor, needle and thread. It’s that easy! If you are terribly afraid of stitching, then you can use adhesive tape instead.

Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric that covers the pocket template of the original shirt. It’s better to cut a larger piece just in case you underestimated it.
Step 2: Stitch or use adhesive tape along the pocket template. Try your best to go along the edges so it looks clean.
Step 3: Cut along the top of the pocket template. Make sure you do not cut into the fabric piece. This is where the pocket comes to life!
Step 4: Use adhesive tape to seal the top edge of the shirt to the fabric. Again, this will give the pocket a clean look.

Tada! That is it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of each step, so feel free to comment if the steps are too hard to follow.

Until next time lovelies, peaceeeee out!

My ten cents #40: To be original, you gotta do you. Think outside of the box. Have fun. Be creative.

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