How I Wear It + DIY: Eyebrows Tutorial

FINALLY! I know. This post has been in the works since the request. To the dear person who requested this tutorial, I am so so sorry for taking a million years to write this. Trust me, I’ve been writing many drafts of this particular post. Thank you so much for not giving up on me. I will do my very best to be as detailed as possible with this written tutorial.

If you haven’t checked out my eyebrows tutorial clip, then I suggest you watch it here. Fair warning, I am known to have a RBF. 😛

First things first, before applying any make-up product, I highly recommend you to get your eyebrows groomed. You can get them waxed or threaded; it doesn’t really matter. Once you get them groomed, the process of filling in your brows becomes easier as your natural brows act as a template. Although my ends are missing, I still get my brows threaded every 2-3 weeks and I maintain them daily to keep them clean. Your natural brows, even if they are lacking, are a great guide to transition from natural to drawn on brows.
To achieve this look, you only need 4 items: NYX Cosmetics’ microbrow pencil, ELF Cosmetics’ eyebrow kit, foundation or concealer of your choice, and angled brush of your choice. That is all.
  1. Using the NYX Cosmetic’s microbrow pencil, brush out your brow hair in its natural direction with the spoolie end.
    • I love this step because it helps keep my brows clean. After I brush out my brow hair in its natural direction, I am able to trim off any strands that are too long.
  2. Using the NYX Cosmetic’s microbrow pencil, use the other end to trace out/outline your desired eyebrow shape using your natural brows as a template.
    • I use the microbrow pencil in the color, Black.
    • The NYX Cosmetic’s microbrow pencil is my holy grail. I love the consistency of the product and how it is twistable. It’s a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz.
    • Since my ends are completely missing and they won’t grow back, I also fill in my ends with the NYX Cosmetics’ microbrow pencil to increase their pigmentation.
  3. Next, using the ELF Cosmetics’ eyebrow kit, apply a conservative amount of eyebrow gel/pomade with the provided angled brush to fill in the outline.
    • I use the ELF Cosmetics’ eyebrow kit in the shade, light.
    • You should start from the end and work your way up to create the gradient effect since the brush is most concentrated at the beginning of application. We do not want the sharpie look, although I am guilty for rocking that look when I first started doing my eyebrows.
    • Since my ends are missing and I have to fill them in with the NYX Cosmetics’ microbrow pencil, I blend in the eyebrow gel/pomade to maintain a consistent color.
  4. Pump out a small amount of foundation or concealer of your choice on the palm of your hand.
    • My foundation of choice is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin in the shade, 4.0.
    • I recommend a foundation or concealer with a light consistency because it will glide along the eyebrows better.
  5. Using the angled brush of your choice, apply foundation or concealer of your choice along the drawn on brows.
    • My angled brush of choice is Ecotools’ Angled Eyeliner Brush, which came with the brush set.
    • This step is crucial to achieve the “eyebrows #onpoint or #onfleek”  look. Before this step, the applications of the NYX Cosmetics’ microbrow pencil and ELF Cosmetics’ eyebrow kit do not need to be precise.
    • After cleaning up your eyebrows shape with this step, use your pinky to blend out the harsh foundation or concealer line between your eyebrows and the rest of your face.
  6. Using the NYX Cosmetic’s microbrow pencil, brush your brow hair with the spoolie end to blend out the products.


My Ten Cents #45: Keep in mind, like most things, this takes a lot of practice. I mean, I’ve been doing this for about a year with a ton of trials and errors. In fact, I am still learning and tweaking my eyebrows shape. Eyebrows do wonder as they frame your face, so a little eyebrows-loving is recommend but definitely not necessary! 

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