How I Wear It + Review: ColourPop’s Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Collection

Hello, my loves! My much delayed review of ColourPop’s Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collaboration is finally donezo! I definitely had fun with this post as I went out of my comfort zone in regards to makeup. I do not consider myself a makeup artist, but a forever learning enthusiast instead. I tend to stick with neutrals because they compliment most outfits, but once in awhile, I crave color.
The opportunity to satisfy said craving presented itself when I made my purchase of Jenn Im’s collaboration with ColourPop. I actually don’t follow as many fashion bloggers as you may think, but Jenn Im is one of the few. I have been supporting Jenn ever since she made thrift haul videos with Sarah. I loved Jenn’s energy and I related to her sense of style that embodied various vibes. She taught me that it is okay not to be defined by any particular style, and that I am still whole. Such idea made it easier for me to accept self-love as I started to regain a sense of self. Now, I embrace the concept of being a little bit of everything, which ultimately makes me, me. That’s worth celebrating, no?

Swatch (L to R): Dohee Pencil, Dohee, and Jenneration X
If you know me well, then you should know that I love lip products. From lip-glosses to matte lipsticks, I wear them all. Surprisingly, before this purchase, I have not tried ColourPop before. I have heard mixed reviews about the brand, so I took this opportunity to personally try it.
First of all, you seriously cannot beat the price. I consider $10 a pop to be cheap, yet these bad boys cost $5-6 each. I had to refrain myself from buying more than I intended to. Secondly, the formulas are well, well pigmented from Dohee’s satin finish to Jenneration X’s matte finish. Dohee is a beautiful coral shade that works well as an everyday lip color. Jenneration X is a lot bolder with hints of orange and red. I only wear Jenneration X when my eye makeup is minimal.
The only downfall I had with ColourPop lip products was the wear; they were not as long-lasting as other lip products that I have tried. The application peeled through out the day and an additional application was absolutely necessary, from my experience. I usually don’t apply lip moisturizer as a primer with other lip products, but it was a must with ColourPop.
Considering the quality and price, I still recommend ColourPop lip products. I am interested in neutral/nude colors that resemble my natural lip color; that way, peeling wouldn’t be a big issue.

Swatch (L to R): Un, Deus, Trios, and Quatre
To be completely honest, I had high expectations for the lip products and low expectations for the eyeshadows, but I ended up loving the eyeshadows a lot more. The colors are beautifully pigmented and they last a long time! Most importantly, they blend so well – I love that I can apply these eyeshadows with brushes or my fingers.
Un is a champagne color with a metallic finish. I used Un in the inner corners of my eyes and a bit on my lids. I also applied a bit of Un underneath my eyebrows to define them a bit better. Last but not least, I applied Un as a highlighter on my cheeks, which I am obsessed with. I love how versatile this shade is, thus, it is my favorite out of the bunch. Deus is a brown color with a satin finish. I used Deus as my base color, and whatever was left on the brush was then used as my transition color to blend out the next two shades.

Trios is a brick red color with a satin finish. At first, I was very intimidated by Trios because I don’t wear color, especially not red. However, I quickly learned that some persistent blending along the crease created a soft yet bold look. What a juxtaposition! I also used Trios as my blush, which was really fun to try out. Lastly, Quatre is a dark brown color with a matte finish. A little bit of this bad boy goes a long way – I only applied a bit along the outer crease to give the eyes some definition.

Needless to say, I recommend ColourPop’s eyeshadows, especially since each shade was $5 each.

My overall experience with ColourPop was flawless. The website is user-friendly and shipping took about a week, which is more than okay with me. For those who are first-time buyers, there is a discount code that appears during your first visit. I cannot wait to make another purchase soon!
My Ten Cents #52: Don’t be scared of color.  

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