Collaboration + My Two Cents: Hair Journey

Hello, my loves! I am beyond excited to share the depth of this special journey with you – whether you’ve been following me from the beginning, along the way, or just now. As the title states, I will be sharing bits and pieces of my hair journey. Although hair, along with fashion and beauty, appears to be materialistic, I hope to clarify some misconceptions. Most importantly, I hope to inspire you to look beyond the materialistic aspects of fashion, beauty, and especially hair. To me, they represent confidence, empowerment, and a lot of self-love.

My hair journey started in March 2015 when I got my very first balayage. After doing a bunch of research, I found a local salon where I had 12-13 inches of hair chopped off for donation and I said goodbye to my virgin hair. Little did I know, I symbolically addressed a high school crush.

“A long time ago, a boy who I thought I liked told me that I shouldn’t dye my hair (when I wanted to dye it then). I was persuaded by him to satisfy his preference. (I don’t know what I was thinking. It wasn’t like we were dating… even then, it shouldn’t matter!) To be honest, getting my hair dyed that day felt so liberating. It felt like, for a lack of words, a punch to his face for making me choose between [my] feelings for him and [me]. I finally love myself, and my other half should love me for me too. 🙂 ”

Although my stylist then did a good job, I did not connect with her personally. As a result, I didn’t feel confident in trusting anyone in particular to update my hair. A whole year later, March 2016, I found Sarah of Crushed Amethyst Studio on Instagram. I loved her work, so I scheduled a consultation with her to bring life back into my extremely grown out balayage. Immediately, I felt comfortable around Sarah. We talked about my options regarding color and hair care (which is so so important!). Next thing I knew, I booked an appointment and got an ash blonde gradient balayage. Through out my session, Sarah checked up on me and made sure I felt comfortable. Getting my hair done was no longer nerve-wrecking; it became fun and relatively addicting! I felt like a whole different person after the session because I felt beautiful with beautiful (and non-brassy) hair. I definitely think my confidence, as the byproduct, showed during the photo-shoots that followed (i.e. February + March Monthly Favorites). I mean, look at the following before and after photo!

Since that session, I started to use It’s a 10’s “Miracle Moisture Shampoo,” “Miracle Daily Conditioner,” and “Miracle Leave-in Product.” Occasionally, I used It’s a 10’s “Miracle Hair Mask” in place of the conditioner. As for purple shampoo, I used Matrix’s “Total Results So Silver Shampoo.” These products definitely made a difference! My hair appeared to be healthier, even though it was no longer virgin hair. I wouldn’t have known the importance of hair care if it wasn’t for Sarah.

After having so much fun being blonde, I craved a bit of color in my life. I originally stumped upon Sarah based on one of her works with rose-gold, so I thought the change was appropriate. Since my hair wasn’t light enough, Sarah gave me pink tips that later faded into rose-gold. This was after I graduated from college, so I wanted to explore outside my comfort zone. At this point, I was confident in myself to make a bold move, but I wasn’t sure how my social anxiety would react to it. Behind close doors and in small settings, I am very comfortable in my own skin, but I’m still working on the idea of being in public. I am the type of person who would avoid places and times that involve huge crowds – I do not like the attention that comes from them. However, when I first saw the pink tips in my hair, I felt so empowered – so much so that I made an excuse to be seen. I couldn’t believe that I did it! I knew from that moment that I would get stares and comments from both family and strangers, but I welcomed them. My hair started conversations and it addressed some stereotypical misconceptions. Yes, I am educated; yes, I am surrounded and supported by “good” people; and yes, I had pink hair. I was no different from the day before that specific session.

Of course, all good things come to an end, and my pink tips completely faded out. I returned to Sarah for a toning session. It was then when I was asked to be her hair model. This time, more color would be involved – not just my tips. We decided on purple and pink, and this is what we got!!


The color is bright and vibrant in natural lighting, and it is deep and sultry in indoor lighting. The dynamic of this hair color cannot be more me! I felt even more confident in myself, and I felt proud of myself for trying something new and having a little trust by letting go of control. I may not have climbed a physical mountain, but I climbed one mentally. I faced and conquered years of social anxiety to some degree with this hair color that calls for attention. Not only did I embrace it, but I am celebrating it.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this hair journey helped me find and understand myself. Through fashion, beauty, and hair, I am able to express myself artistically. I don’t have to hide this part of myself to fulfill some perceived expectation of being a quiet introvert. I actually think the quiet ones are pretty loud – they just need to be given the chance to be so. My hair became my outlet to be bold and loud. Thank you, Sarah, for giving me that chance.

My Ten Cents #58: You should get purple/pink hair. Just kidding! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair – it will grow out/ your color will fade. Have fun with it! If you happen to be in the market for beautiful hair color in the Elk Grove/ Sacramento area, then please let Sarah know that I sent ya there!

As always, be you!

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