My Two Cents: Blogger


Hello, my loves – and welcome! OMG. I kind of did this thing, and I am so so excited (and anxious) to finally share my same ‘ol blog on a whole new platform + domain! *happy dance* If you aren’t already viewing this on desktop mode, then I def recommend it because your gal worked hard relearning HTML to enhance this experience for the both of us! Please be kind and patient with me as I am still tweaking this here and there. And if you have any cc for me, then please send it my way – I actually have a contact form on here, which I am way stoked about (How official~~!).

Exactly one year ago, I graduated from college. This year, it feels very much like my blog “graduated,” which is a bit of a stretch. Hehe. I never expected to go from to, yet here we are! I also did not expect my title as a blogger to evolve.

Believe or not, one of my first passions was (and still is) writing. I guess, it may not be so surprising to you, but it def surprises me still as I admit this because English is not my first language. Although I was born in the states, my first language is Vietnamese. I was enrolled in ESL programs in elementary school and I still struggle with grammar today (i.e. I hate present tense verbs because they do not exist in Vietnamese – thank goodness, science uses past tense verbs!!). Since I did not have the confidence to use my voice in person, I wrote my thoughts in diaries every night as a child before I slid them underneath my clothes as my hiding spot. I remember writing about everything from what I ate for breakfast to my attempt of understanding the opposite sex. Fast forward to my teen years, I did the same on BlogSpot and Tumblr.

Although I am very particular about my diction and how I articulate my thoughts and translate them into words and then sentences in my posts,  I did not feel like a blogger when I started this particular journey. Although I have been drafting outlines and editing posts for days for the past 4 years, I used to call myself a “wannabe blogger” and I corrected anyone and everyone who called me otherwise. I know it sounds silly now, but I did not believe I had the credibility to call myself a blogger, especially when I compared myself to other bloggers with incredible magnitude of following and content. I started blogging with no real concrete plans; I made my blog, took pictures, and wrote my first post all in a couple of hours.

Any prior thoughts of taking this hobby remotely seriously freaked me out because I was not ready for any presumed expectations. I was scared of selling myself out if I did so. However, I had a huge milestone a couple of years ago when I decided to call myself an “aspiring blogger.” With the simple switch from “wannabe” to “aspiring,” I was not selling myself out – instead, I was investing in myself. Quite the juxtaposition, no? I did not realized I was slowly but surely taking this blog, along with myself, seriously as I reached out to brands and artists to collaborate with. Peep at one of my first e-mails, which eventually brought me to where I am today.

Hello [Company],

My name is Diem L., and I am an aspiring fashion and beauty blogger ( who emphasizes the importance of self-expression through fashion without spending a lot.

Today, I call myself a blogger of and @diemberly. That’s right – your gal is taking this seriously and it feels pretty damn good.

Thank you so so much for going on this journey with me. I hope y’all continue to do so on here! Xoxo.

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