Collaboration + How I Wear It: Minimalistic Crop Tops

M04A2683Hello, my loves! Subconsciously, I’ve been obsessed with crop tops this summer, so much so that I apparently wore three different ones during a single photo-shoot. This post practically wrote itself! As always, I wanted to breakdown the thought process of these outfits even though they appear to be minimalistic.

M04A2691For my first outfit, I wore Silence + Noise Riviera Ribbed Off-The-Shoulder Top from Urban Outfitters (UO), which I got for $13.99. Over-the-shoulder tops are my jam because they are much like tube tops, but they actually fit me and my flat chest. This top has a few things going for it. For one, the knit is so incredibly soft! Two, the “lettuce-edge” detailing hugs my body very well, so I don’t have to worry about flashing my gals. Lastly, the cut is appropriate in that I can raise my arms and not have my top budge too much. I am so glad to add this number into my collection of basic black tops because it is so easy to dress up and down. Here, I def dressed it down with a pair of Levi’s high waisted jeans with a thick belt that I got from a garage sale for $0.50. To add a bit of personality, I wore my tassel earrings that I got from UO for $10. If I wanted to dress it up, then I would wear a midi or maxi skirt instead. Of course, I am always wearing my favorite crossbody from Kate Spade that I got from Crossroads Trading & Co.


For outfit numbero 2, I wore Ella Crop Top from Haute Attitude, which retails for $19, but you can use my discount code (DIEM10) to save some! I’ve been living in this top (and whole outfit, really) because it is so adorable. I wore this exact outfit to brunch during the day, and I wore it out to the bars the night of with a change of heels instead of Forever 21 loafers – so versatile! It has side tie closures, which is my kind of cut-out. You can def get away without wearing a bra in this (like me!), so it is ideal for the summer. I paired this top with my fave velvet high waisted bottoms that I got from Ecothrift for 99 cents. (Fun Fact: after some research, I found out that these pants are actually snow pants!! I did a bit of DIY-ing by snipping off a piece of fabric and called them cigarette pants instead. Hehe.)

Since it does have a mock neck, this crop top would be super cute for a fall or even winter outfit. A bit of layering goes a long way. I’m excited to bring this outfit back when that time comes!


Last but not least, for my third outfit, I wore Kimchi Blue Ditsy Ruched Off-The-Shoulder Top from UO for ~$10. I love pairing off-the-shoulder tops with this UNIF pleather dress that I got from Threadsence for $20 – nothing new here except this top gives such a girly vibe with its floral print. Since my style isn’t definite, I like mixing contrasting styles like this delicate top with such a badass dress.

M04A2744This set was made possible by the ever so talented Nicole G. ( – thank you so much!


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