Collaboration + My Two Cents: “Yellow Flicker Beat”

DSC02739Ello, my loves! I am so ecstatic to be back here (after 2 days since my last post!!) to catch up on a couple of sets that I’ve worked on. I’ve been feeling oddly inspired and productive, and I am loving every moment of it. I might as well seize it! ūüėõ

If you are following me on Instagram (@diemberly), then you may or may not be aware of my random yet specifically curated aesthetics. I like to post a set of 9 pictures based on some kind of color scheme that is subconsciously decided by my mood. When I’m feeling a bit blue, I wear blue, thus, I end up with a blue theme. When I’m feeling the love, I tend to surround myself with red. I didn’t realized this pattern until a few colors in when I turned such a subconscious thought into conscious actions. As of late, I have been feeling happy, so I’ve been posting a lot of yellow!

When I say “happy,” it doesn’t mean that my life is working out splendidly. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – my face is breaking out (again) despite my strict diet; I am¬†stressing over my future with school and my¬†pharmacy tech license; and I am getting tired of swiping.

Although that sounds rather sad, I am happy in how I am reacting to my struggles. I’ve been staying positive because being negative never helped me before. I’ve been¬†channeling stress and fear into motivation. Lastly, I’ve been focusing on good relationships and letting go of bad ones.

I know it is so incredibly easy to say so, thus, I wanted to share a few tips/ practices that have helped me.

One, be your own fan! I compliment myself in the mirror each morning. It can be as superficial as “Wow, you have gorg eyebrows.” to something more substantial like “You have a big heart.” If you aren’t too keen on looking at yourself in the mirror (I totally understand!), then you can start slow with pep talks. I like writing them on post-its and posting them on/in random, unexpected places. When¬†I was a student, I posted a lot of pep talks in my textbooks and on my laptop, so I would start something daunting on a happy note (literally :P).

Two, follow positive social media and unfollow not-so-positive social media. Social media gets such a bad rep, but I think it’s such a positive tool if used well. I mean, I found my sanctuary on social media with this blog and Instagram after all! Although a lot of URL content does not depict what really happens IRL, it does NOT apply to all influencers. There are a lot of badass content creators who are so incredibly real and vulnerable on social media – you just aren’t following them. My favorite community is Wear Your Label’s Brand Ambassadors + Campus Reps. Once I unfollowed “IG models” (who I will never look like – let’s be real) and followed WYL’s community, I felt at home on social media.

If I happen to be a not-so-positive social media outlet, then feel feel to unfollow me. Your health is much more important than my ego, so no hard feelings!

Lastly, phone calls>>> texts! Call me old school or whatevs, but I love a good phone call. Although texts are convenient and the use of emojis are so cute, there is something about hearing the other person laugh rather than reading “lol.” I believe a good hour conversation on the phone is much more powerful than a whole day worth of texts. If you are still anti-phone calls, then meet in person!

S/O to my friends who talk to me on the phone during my long commutes. ‚̧

DSC02736To wrap up this post, I wanted to share a candid shot, which is supposed to serve as the juxtaposition to the rest of the set. This is me; that was me – all of this is me. These are my thoughts. Theses are my struggles and successes. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I don’t have an ulterior motive – I am not seeking attention, love, or pity. I am just living my life, and I hope to inspire one extra person to do so also. (That extra person is probs the future-me because I do read all of my posts again.)

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Shawn S. on this set – I cannot wait to work with you again!

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