Collaboration + Review: Romping Around (ft. Haute Attitude)

IMG_7853Hello, my loves! Today is kind of special – I’m back with a review, which I haven’t done in almost a year! I usually buy products in rounds before going on some sort of hiatus, so here’s a piece from my summer haul.

It may have been a subconscious thing, but I bought a lot of rompers/ playsuits/ jumpsuits this summer! I think they are a must have as a wardrobe staple given their versatility and convenience (minus the going-to-the-bathroom part). One pieces are extremely easy to wear because not much thought needs to go into them – I just slip into one and go. However, as a con, I cannot mix and match the top and bottom since the ensemble is pre-determined for me. I think that is a small price to pay because I can still get pretty creative in dressing rompers/ playsuits/ jumpsuits up and down with a simple change in accessory.

I got this absolutely beautiful “Paige Ruffle Romper” from Haute Attitude, which retails for $42 (but you can save with my code – DIEM10). This romper seriously got a bunch of details going for it.

I am a weird shopper in that I listen to clothes as they talk to me. Whether it is shopping in store or online, I take an extremely long time walking around or scrolling to see what attracts my attention. Given my experience and understanding of my body, I know what I like and what looks flattering on this curve-less and petite body. I solely rely on my gut feeling or intuition to shop.

When I came across this romper, the first thing I saw was the huge ruffles/frills that overlapped as the top. Your gal has a flat chest, but this detail created a full silhouette with a v-neckline. V-necklines are usually unflattering because they remind me of my flat chest. Here, however, the v-neckline was created by the overlap that was tied back. As the long ties wrapped around my body, my “girls” were pushed up, thus, a flattering silhouette was achieved.

IMG_7850If the ruffles/frills on top were not enough – the bottom portion has ruffles/frills too! The extra volume at the bottom gives such a cute, feminine touch. This detail also created a flattering silhouette of a subtle flair, which elongated my legs. As a short gal, I take every opportunity to show off my legs if I know a garment can create an illusion of long legs. This romper is one of them! In addition, the shorts hit right between my thighs, so my thick thighs weren’t so prominent.

IMG_7848Last but not least, let’s not forget the most obvious detail that I am all about. If you know me well, then I hope you guessed “cut-out”! The tummy cut-out is one of my favorite because it is such a tease, but still very tasteful. With the bow knot tied in front, I felt like a present wrapped up in this number.

IMG_7849I realized that I might have sounded so negative about my body as I described my flat chest, short legs, and thick thighs. To clarify, I love my body and (most days) I am very comfortable with it. Such “flaws” do not bother me – in fact, I cannot imagine myself without them. Although I understand beauty and body size are social constructs, I am also aware of flattering silhouettes fitted to my body shape. I believe in working with what I have, and for me to do this, I have spent a lot of time and effort in getting to know myself and this body of mine.

It makes me sad when people tell me that shopping isn’t fun because trying on clothes feels like a chore and seeing different sizes makes them feel less worthy. You are so beyond worthy, despite the size on an itchy tag. Shopping should be a stress reliever – not the origin of your stress! Please take a moment to appreciate and understand your body that takes you places. From there, I think you’ll be able to develop a healthy relationship with clothes. Know that you’re not alone in this journey towards body positivity. “Small” gals, “big” gals, and any gals (+ fellas!!) in between – your thoughts and feelings are valid. ❤

Thank you, Elliott E., for the lovely set and introducing me to Haute Attitude!

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