My Two Cents + OOTD: Not So Mellow (Mustard) Yellow


I was recently asked what I blog about as a blogger. Obvi, as a fashion and beauty blogger, I answered with confidence, “Fashion and beauty!” A quick rebuttle proceeded – “What about fashion and beauty?”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I honestly had to think about it, especially because I haven’t blogged since September. After a mental conversation with myself, I said, “As mediums of self-expression, I blog about their symbolic representations of who I was, am, and will be.

If you thought clothes and makeup are materialistic, then please think again.

I always feel like a broken record when I break down my relationships with fashion and beauty, but I think it is a good reminder to myself (and hopefully you too!).

My interests in fashion and beauty did not start until college when I decided to be different. By being different, I mean, being myself. I am different, and that is okay – something I learned through out this little blogging journey of mine.


After an experimental phase, I fell deep into the minimalistic phase where I got very comfortable. Only wearing solids and neutrals, I tossed all of my colored clothes and anything with a trace of floral patterns. I did the same with makeup – I used the same few colors of eyeshadows and wore chapstick – and only chapstick! Pants then turned into leggings, and curls then turned into buns. I slowly but surely lost myself artistically as I grew too comfortable in the shadows.


It was not until recently when I could not recognize myself anymore. I felt and looked so one dimensional. As much as I love the simplicity of minimalism, I missed the dynamic of color. I use fashion and beauty as my voices, and I’ve been silent for too long.

Naturally, I went onto Nasty Gal and found this beautiful mustard yellow off the shoulder crop top with obnoxious bell sleeves on clearance. It must have been some sign in regards to satisifying my craving for color and finding my voice from when I used to experiment with fashion and beauty.

I believe in doing things that scare me, and boy, did this top intimidate me.


On top of that, I paired the top with bold orange eyes using all of the red and orange shades from Morphe’s 35O eyeshadow palette. I’ve been eyeing this palette for some time, and it’s about time I try something new. Here’s to experimenting!!

I felt so incredibly alive in this outfit – hello Diem! Your gal is back (and totally here to stay)!


Photo credits: the v lovely Anna V.

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