My Two Cents: Words Into Actions

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Happy New Year, my loves! While I believe in goals instead of resolutions, I actually set the following goal before the new year started: translate words into actions.

I am well aware that this whole post is rather ironic given that I am ultimately pouring out words, but hold on tight, such change already showed effective results!!

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As a blogger, I love words so so much. I have always loved writing because I believe words are incredibly powerful. I was raised to speak softly or not at all, so the only time in which I have a voice is when I write. Through my writing, I am able to process my thoughts and feelings. Each word that I write are carefully thought out and curated for a conversation, but I later learned that this may not hold true to many. Nothing makes me sadder than empty words.

Scratch that, I was the saddest when I realized that I, too, have used my voice to say such empty words before. Feeling terrible for being a hypocrite, I vowed to change my nonchalant words into more proactive diction. I then turned such conversations into actions. The change was so incredibly simple yet effective.

Every time I felt the urge to write or say “I hope you are doing well,” I asked “How are you doing?” instead. Among things, “How are you doing?” first turned into a boba date with a high school friend and then this photo shoot with a college friend!

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In response, I never received a simple “fine.” I received both paragraphs of text and phone calls (aka my fave!!). While some friends were going through struggles and others were experiencing successes, most of them kept the news to themselves until I prompted the question.

These conversations naturally ended with some kind of promise of meeting up and catching up. I am happy to say that such thing actually happened with those who matter! I hope to continue this use of words in the year of 2018.

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Furthermore, I hope to apply such integrity to the words I use with myself. My conversations with others are just as important as my conversations with myself.

I always say actions speak louder than words. I would like words to speak just as loudly.

Before I go, I would like to ask you – How are you doing?

Let’s talk about it. And then do something about it.

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Photos taken by Chinh V.

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