Collaboration + Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup



Hello, my loves! I am beyond excited to share my work with @Neutrogena in their #HolidayHealthySkin campaign.

I must admit, being a part of this campaign is incredibly surreal given my history with makeup. Before I dive deep into this makeup review, I would like to share my relationship with Neutrogena to give some context to this whole post.

SONY DSCI did not start wearing makeup seriously until my senior year of high school. It was senior ball (aka prom) aka my first and last school dance, and I asked my parents if I could wear makeup. My parents gave me an a-okay and I was off to Target to find myself a foundation. I ended up buying Neutrogena’s SkinClearing Liquid Makeup because I liked the incorporation of Salicylic Acid as the blemish treatment. Although I no longer use that foundation religiously, it holds a special place in my heart. It was with that foundation that people gave me a chance and looked beyond my flawed skin.

With the new year, I have been very mindful of what products I put on my face, both for skincare and makeup, to keep my skin looking as flawless as it can (and deserves to) be! Thus, Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup came just in time!

SONY DSCAs always, I started with a primer for a nice, even base for the rest of my makeup. This primer works just as well as any primer I already use in consistency. What sets this apart from my other primers is the fact that it has sunscreen in it. I always forget to wear sunscreen, so this primer has me covered!


Subsequently, I followed with a couple of layers of foundation. I have acne-proned skin, so coverage is the most important thing for me when picking out a foundation. I received the following shades from Neutrogena: 50 Soft Beige, 60 Natural Beige, and 70 Fresh Beige. “50 Soft Beige” was the closest shade that matched my skin tone. I also used “70 Fresh Beige” as my dark shade to contour my cheek bones. Again, I applied a couple of layers. This foundation is a true liquid foundation, thus, I think it is more of a medium coverage foundation. While the foundation was buildable, it was not full coverage, which would have been ideal for my skin. I recommend this foundation for those who are looking for a more natural, dewy look.


SONY DSCTo continue with the contouring process, I went ahead and applied some concealer in the shade “light” underneath my eyes, along my jawline, forehead, bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. Blending this concealer was a dream – it went on my face so smoothly given its creamy consistency.

SONY DSCSince I already contoured my face with foundation for this particular look, I added a bit of this bronzer in “Sunkissed” for more warmth. I love applying powder on top of liquid makeup to set everything, and this bronzer did just that while keeping my skin looking fresh and healthy-looking. For my makeup not to look cakey, I was very impressed.


SONY DSCI have a love-hate relationship with blush because I have hyperpigmentation from acne, so I have to be very careful about the shade of blush that I use. I tend to go with more natural tones that mimic rosy cheeks. Although this shade of blush is called “Vibrant,” it was actually quite muted, which I loved! This product was very buildable, so if I wanted a more vibrant look, then I could have easily applied a couple of layers. I went with one layer for an more everyday look.



Okay, Neutrogena – I see you. I am obsessed with the eye products of this line! I highly recommend this eyeshadow palette, “Mink Brown,” especially to those who are a little less high maintenance than me. Hehe. For those who ask me if eyeshadow primer is absolutely necessary, the answer is “no” with this guy because this palette already has primer in it! While the pigmentation wasn’t the strongest, the shades were easily buildable. I got major “girl-next-door” vibes with this combination of neutral tones.

While I love a good full face, I definitely went for a more no-makeup makeup look to achieve a healthy, flawless look. In doing so, I skipped eyeliner like I usually do and went straight into mascara. I tend not to wear falsies, so this great mascara is a must. Fitting in with the theme of a natural look, I loved how dainty this mascara made my eyelashes look. I went in with a couple of coats, and I think it complimented v well with my eyeshadow.



Although I was so so excited to try the “Brightening Eye Perfecter,” I knew a lot of work is needed to fix many years of college nights in the bags under my eyes. I cannot speak for its effectiveness eloquently because I did not see a difference within my short trial period. I will still use this from time to time as a concealer for my eye bags though – I loved the fact that it is tinted!


SONY DSCI saved my favorite product of the line as my last. I absolutely adored this color stick in “Fresh Papaya.” Not only did it “taste” good, but the formula was so moisturizing! I love a good matte lipstick, but I have been straying away from them during this season because matte lipsticks incredibly dry out my lips. I have been looking for an alternative that is both moisturizing and pigmented. This color stick felt a lot like a hybrid between a lipstick and lip balm – it had the color pay off of a lipstick and texture of a lip balm.

SONY DSCI am so so excited to share a discount code with you because I love and appreciate y’all so much as my friends and readers. Please use “HEALTHYSKIN25” for receive 25% off of your purchases at check-out after browsing Neutrogena’s websites: and – only valid for the month of February.

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