My Two Cents: Update

Hello, my old [friends] - how have you been? (If you like my play on of The Oh Hellos' song, then that's probs why we are friends.) It has been 8 months since my last post, so I feel a bit obligated to update y'all on what little ol' Diem have been up to in … Continue reading My Two Cents: Update

Collaboration + Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup

  Hello, my loves! I am beyond excited to share my work with @Neutrogena in their #HolidayHealthySkin campaign. I must admit, being a part of this campaign is incredibly surreal given my history with makeup. Before I dive deep into this makeup review, I would like to share my relationship with Neutrogena to give some context to … Continue reading Collaboration + Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Liquid Makeup

My Two Cents: “Yellow” Skin

I hate editing, and "hate" is a strong word. I used to spend so many hours before, during, and after school editing pictures when I was first introduced to photography. Tedious, but I loved making layers and clicking on the little "eye" icon on PhotoShop to see how powerful the most recent layer is compared … Continue reading My Two Cents: “Yellow” Skin

My Two Cents: 5 Life Lessons (5 Years Blog-iversary)

Hello, my loves! Happy happy blog-iversary!! In much Diem-esque fashion, this post is fashionablely late. Hehe. I am currently writing this in Davis, CA, which is crazy surreal because this is where it all started 5 years ago. Borrowing Starbucks's WiFi while eating a Panini that I got for free using my rewards points from becoming a … Continue reading My Two Cents: 5 Life Lessons (5 Years Blog-iversary)

My Two Cents + OOTD: Not So Mellow (Mustard) Yellow

I was recently asked what I blog about as a blogger. Obvi, as a fashion and beauty blogger, I answered with confidence, "Fashion and beauty!" A quick rebuttle proceeded - "What about fashion and beauty?" I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I honestly had to think about it, especially because I haven't blogged since … Continue reading My Two Cents + OOTD: Not So Mellow (Mustard) Yellow

Collaboration + My Two Cents: Content

con·tent (/kənˈtent/): in a state of peaceful happiness The timing of this set, from start to finish, must have been some kind of sign. This was taken in July during the middle of summer when the sunflowers in Dixon, CA were blooming. Exactly one year ago, I was in a nearby field of sunflowers with a … Continue reading Collaboration + My Two Cents: Content