My Two Cents + OOTD: Not So Mellow (Mustard) Yellow

I was recently asked what I blog about as a blogger. Obvi, as a fashion and beauty blogger, I answered with confidence, "Fashion and beauty!" A quick rebuttle proceeded - "What about fashion and beauty?" I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I honestly had to think about it, especially because I haven't blogged since … Continue reading My Two Cents + OOTD: Not So Mellow (Mustard) Yellow

Collaboration + 070317: Monochromatic Monday

Hello, my loves! How are you doing? If you were wondering - I am doing quite well! I am so glad it is finally July because last month was something else. I love the feeling of a fresh start with a new month, yet here I am sharing a collaboration that I did last month wearing some … Continue reading Collaboration + 070317: Monochromatic Monday

Collaboration + 091916: Moody Monday

Hello, my love! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Taylor N. on a little something-something that was different for me. I received the set today, not too long ago, and I was inspired to blog the look. Before our photoshoot, I asked Taylor whether or not he had an idea or theme in mind. … Continue reading Collaboration + 091916: Moody Monday

082114:Take-me-back-to-the-broken-heart-tour-please Thursday

I hope y'all are ready for this super duper long post about my amazing experience at Slim's on Thursday where I met Rixton and indulged in their raw talent! From OOTD/OOTN, interactions with fans, thoughts on the venue to the itty bitty details that I will forever remember- I am ready whenever you are! I'll start … Continue reading 082114:Take-me-back-to-the-broken-heart-tour-please Thursday