073113: Wistful Wednesday (BEST DAY EVA)

This week has been beyond amazing and absolutely nothing can compare to the day I had. Many firsts were done including my first (fake) tattoo, first bart trip, and most importantly, my very first concert. On July 31st, I witnessed the glorious One Direction on the big stage for their "Take Me Home" tour. If … Continue reading 073113: Wistful Wednesday (BEST DAY EVA)

032713: Windy Wednesday

Lucky you, I'm posting 2 entries in a row, let's make tomorrow the third! Don't get your hopes up too high; I'm spoiling you because it's spring break, which is when I'm spoiling myself with even more buys...I promise you, no more until later (whatever that even means :P). Although I love dressing fancy on … Continue reading 032713: Windy Wednesday