Collaboration + 070317: Monochromatic Monday

Hello, my loves! How are you doing? If you were wondering - I am doing quite well! I am so glad it is finally July because last month was something else. I love the feeling of a fresh start with a new month, yet here I am sharing a collaboration that I did last month wearing some … Continue reading Collaboration + 070317: Monochromatic Monday

Collaboration: Summer Lovin’

Happy first day of summer, my loves! I hope the triple digits aren't killing ya as much as they are killing yours truly. Despite the fact, I am loving the long days and short shorts. As if you needed more sunshine, I've been keeping this vibrant set to myself for this exact moment. Last month, … Continue reading Collaboration: Summer Lovin’

Collaboration + My Two Cents: Thrift Tips

Hello, my loves! This post is actually a really cool post with some nostalgic vibes because I am going back to my roots! My blog originally started as a platform to stress frugal fashion. With gems from thrift stores, garage/estate/rummage sales, and flea markets, I have been able to accurately depict my identities with practically one-of-a-kind finds at my … Continue reading Collaboration + My Two Cents: Thrift Tips

How I Wear It + Review: Everyday Fall Makeup

Hello, my loves! Originally, I recorded a tutorial of this everyday fall makeup look, but unfortunately, my camera gave out half way through. Luckily, I snapped a few pictures that capture a few of my favorite products in action.The first product is SHANY's Precision Collection Set of 3 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I was given this product … Continue reading How I Wear It + Review: Everyday Fall Makeup

Collaboration + My Two Cents: Hair Journey

Hello, my loves! I am beyond excited to share the depth of this special journey with you - whether you've been following me from the beginning, along the way, or just now. As the title states, I will be sharing bits and pieces of my hair journey. Although hair, along with fashion and beauty, appears … Continue reading Collaboration + My Two Cents: Hair Journey

Collaboration + 091916: Moody Monday

Hello, my love! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Taylor N. on a little something-something that was different for me. I received the set today, not too long ago, and I was inspired to blog the look. Before our photoshoot, I asked Taylor whether or not he had an idea or theme in mind. … Continue reading Collaboration + 091916: Moody Monday